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CoLab Creators & Consumers Kit Rules:

● 1. Participation-

  • a. You MUST participate in at least 2 CoLab kits every 3 months. Kits run every two weeks. (If you do not participate the minimum, you will be removed from the group. I do not chase down those that do not participate. If you are removed due to none participation you may reapply in the future when time allows you to participate more frequently. Removal is never personal, The rules must be followed.)
  • b. You MUST place a CoLab poster in your store representing you are a CoLab member.
  • c. You MUST send the completed notecard list to your store group by Monday following the release day.
  • d. You are responsible for making sure your landmark and logo is up to date. Landmarks and logos are kept on file and those files are used to make the theme landmark notecard. To update a logo or a landmark use this card (NOT THE  AD SUBMIT CARD.). (See in world notecard to get this card.)
  • e. Kits run every two weeks. Sunday by 8PM SLT – ads and payment are due, Tuesday- Draft Notecard sent to check over. Wednesday – final notecard sent, Thursday – Vendors MUST be out and ready by 8PM SLT.

● 2. Participation fee- There is a $120L fee per store per round you participate in. (This is less than $.62 US.) A second store can enter the same round for a $60L fee with a different kit item. (Each store listing may have up to 6 ads listed. You are welcome to sell more then 6, but only 6 ads will be used.)

Kits submitted without payment WILL NOT be included. No exceptions will be made.

Payments can be made here –

● 3. Vendors-

  • a. You are required to use the CoLab vendor to sell your kits. (This is checked!) You get all of the money from your kit sales. Our Special CoLab vendors are used to give the landmark notecards to customers automatically and for a similar look. We have 2 prim low profile vendor available is prim is an issue. We also have a vendor that works with Casper Vendor system. Split profit vendors can be given upon request.
  • b. Your Vendors must not be hidden. They must be in sight of the landing point or a teleport to them must be provided.

● 4. CoLab Creators Group-  You must be in the CoLab creators group. All CoLab communications goes through this group. You need to check the group past notices regularly.

● 5. Your Kit-

  • a. Perms CoLab Creators items must be full perms. (Scripts may be no Mod.) CoLab Consumers items may be any combination of permission except Full perm.
  • b. Creations
    ba. Creators– You must be the creator of your items. (or a business partner.)
    bb. Consumers – You may use premade sculpts, mesh, textures… but the overall design must be yours and be original. (No right out of the box, built from a kit, or copied from an examples items allowed. You must create with your own flair.)
  • c. Types of Items – We accept all types of items. All members may create items that require an additional purchases (slink nails, shoes, mesh clothing, etc…). This MUST be stated on the ad clearly that an additional purchase is required and what it is. Please know this may limit your sales. It is up to you to gauge.
  • d. Rating Keep all kits PG in nature. Adult items are not allowed.
  • e. New ONLY All items for the CoLab kit must be new. No past kits are allowed. However it is suggested that you use the opportunity to place older kits on sale near your CoLab vendor.
  • f. Theme All items must relate to the theme. Please try to stay as close to the theme as possible.
  • g. TOS And DMCA TOS or DMCA violations will NOT be tolerated and will be reported.
  • h. Copyright and Filter use
    ha. Please do not submit copyrighted items. They will be rejected. Do not take pictures or artwork from the internet, books, magazines, etc… unless you know for sure they can be used and altered. Keep documentation of those terms that state from the creator that they can be used in the way you intend. Here is an article about some Copyright Myths that you might find interesting.
    hb. Creators using Filters – Templates – When using filters, actions, scripts, etc… Please make sure to know the terms of those items before you use them.
    hc. For Creators – All items made with filters, actions, etc… MUST be altered in some other way so we do not get many of the same textures. Please make sure that altering is allowed in the terms of the filter maker as well. But strait from a filter program is not allowed. (This pertains to filters that do not use an original texture to use the filter on.)
  • i. Price Your CoLab kits must be set for sale between $20L – $60L. How much you set for sale is up to you within this range. Must be an ON SALE price.
  • j. Coordinate Kit
    ja. MUST be a new Kit
    jb. You MUST have a Traditional CoLab kit for the round you wish to enter a CoLab Coordinates kit in.
    jc. Your CoLab Coordinates kit must be priced between $61L and $360L. Must be an ON SALE price.
    jd. You may enter up to 5 Coordinate kits as long as you do not go over your 6 total ads for your store.
    je. MUST use the CoLab Coordinate Vendor. (Pink Test Tue)
  • k. Ads
    ka. Ads MUST be submitted on time. Late ads will not be accepted. (Check your transactions with Second Life to be sure it sent.)
    kb. Ads MUST be full perm.
    kc. By submitting an ad you give CoLab permission to use your ad for promotions in our group, on our website and on other social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc..).
    kd. Ads MUST contain a picture of your item and other information about your kit. Suggested items are (name, perms, contents, use policy, logo…) Just a picture of the item will not be accepted as an ad. Details are needed.
    ke. You MUST note if an additional purchase is required to use your items. (slink nails, shoes, mesh clothing, etc…)
    kf. Use the following notecard to submit your items by the due date of each kit. (See in world notecard to get this card.)

● 6. Land Location- Your in world store may only be on a Mature or PG sim. (If you are on an adult sim other arrangements will need to be made.)

● 7. Calendar-  CoLab release date Calendar –

● 8. Website-

Please note rules are subject to change and will be posted in the CoLab creators group in advance of a rule change.

CoLab Release
New Rules 1-31-16

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